Fred Fowler / Oblique Landscapes / September 21 - October 14

Fort Delta is very pleased to present Oblique Landscapes a new exhibtion of work by Melbourne-based artist Fred Fowler. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery, having very recently presented work with us at Spring1883 in Sydney, September 6 - 9.

With Oblique Landscapes, Fowler offers his take on the landscape and in many ways works against the traditional genre of landscape painting. These paintings exist without horizons, they are complex, diverse and loaded with historical and cultural signifiers. The paintings explore the effects that colonisation, globalisation and urbanisation have had on this country and it’s inhabitants. Painting is a wormhole Fowler uses to explore things we don’t see or notice but are there, under the surface, or hidden in plain sight. His new works include elements such as mobile phone towers, ghost nets, swords and shields to name a few. They also feature doors and windows which function as openings or portals to different times and places. Through the layering of colour, texture and symbolism, Fowler creates a visually seductive painted tableaux.

Fowler’s work is held in the National Gallery of Australia collection, as well as in numerous and diverse private collections in Australia and overseas.