Casey Jeffery | The Language of Ornamentation | February 10 - March 11

Casey Jeffery is a Melbourne artist whose paintings offer an insight into the nature of ornamentation within Australian suburbia. Her paintings are bound to the vocabulary of modernist discourse, social dynamics and the service of architectural space. Drawing from locations within inner city Melbourne, Jeffery uses an amalgamation of hard-edge and free hand painting, elevating seemingly-obscure design features that are prolific within Australian suburbia out of the landscape for contemplation. Utilising heavily planned compositions and meticulously smooth surfaces planes, Jeffery’s work views these design features with fondness, quietly celebrating the handicraft of lead lighting and brick laying which have become ubiquitous within many Australian homes. This system of symbols of ornamental architecture, interiors and exteriors infuse into an idealised and utopian environment that is self aware and nostalgic, the poetry of the urban commonplace.

Casey is in her final year of completing her Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting) at the Victorian College of the Arts and has completed her Diploma of Visual Art at Swinburne TAFE.