Laura Skerlj | Love In A Better Climate | October 28 - November 12

This exhibition presents a suite of intimately-scaled abstract paintings. Through a variety of intuitive processes these works recycle and distill forms from various studio references (old paintings, collages, drawings, patterns) into new images, focusing on gesture and energetic flow. In connecting with these sensations, the artist considers paintings as abbreviated and inquisitive phenomena brought to life via an ongoing relationship between artist and object.


Laura Skerlj is a Melbourne based artist. Her practice explores the energetic potentials of contemporary painting, with an interest in drawing, gestural processes and aggregate methods. In 2013 she graduated from a Master of Fine Arts (University of Melbourne), and has since exhibited in commercial, community and artist-run spaces including Gallery 9, Linden New Art, Artereal Gallery, Tristian Koenig, Lon Gallery and Fort Delta. In parallel, Laura has written for various online and print publications and recently curated an exhibition of contemporary painting, Elastic Field, at Strange Neighbour (Melbourne).