Andrew Read | Material Image Solutions

Andrew Read

Material Image Solutions

23 July - 15 August


Material Image Solutions, Andrew Read’s solo debut, presents a series of new collage works which explore the notions, or possibilities, of self-expression-via-market-mediation.

Devised spontaneously and intuitively, Read’s collages integrate photographic fragments from the artist’s own archive with detritus from daily transactions directly related, or adjacent, to the studio.

At once embracing and contending with their arbitrary limitations, Read uses consumer-level image production/presentation products (IKEA frames, OfficeWorks print-on-demand) as the site for his experiments in material and pictorial relationships.

With this technique of compressing both ‘essential’ and ‘peripheral’ content within the picture plane, Read’s series considers the way economic expediencies influence the discrete logics that form during the artmaking process.