Lance Delary-Simpson | FOR A GREAT BUICK CALL 555 - 7617


Fort Delta is pleased to announce For a great BUICK call 555-7617, an exhibition of recent paintings by Lance Delary-Simpson.

Delary-Simpson employs the hard-edge and graphic interplay indicative of abstract minimalism and repurposes the stagnancy of this style in his paintings by way of absurd, anthropomorphic distortions of form, shape and line with a certain erotic-precision.

His new suite of bright, humored and relentlessly flat paintings observe how visually enticing compositions – combined with his brilliant use of colour – can determine the sexual selection and prosperity of a species in nature – tapping into a kind of ultimate and primal subconscious. Gradients of flesh-toned surfaces are strewn with surreal and precariously erotic forms that could read as an exotic bird’s vibrant plumage of feathers; wild and free - impressive and tantalizing. His eccentric compositions could also come to mimic and visualize the strange movements and complex rituals animals will perform to consummate courtship – evoking images and associations of all kinds.

Merging bespoke signwriting skills with the magnetic and psychosexual language of visual advertising, Delary-Simpson’s new work informs a subliminal and visually-charged allure within his formal universe; toying with the cogs of natural selection – rendering wildlife’s quest for reproduction and supremacy as new, exquisite forms of instinct and decadence.