Vivian Cooper Smith | Concrete Compositions

Concrete Compositions is a new photographic exhibition by Vivian Cooper Smith where fragments of concrete and ‘image-less’ photographs come together in a series of playful compositions.

Feeling an urge to respond to the seemingly endless images of conflict and disaster dominating the news bulletins, Smith has taken the ubiquitous concrete fragment as the starting point in this new body of work.

Through an intuitive and gestural process Smith combines concrete fragments with sets of pure colour photographic prints to form a series of abstract, spontaneous and temporal arrangements. Photographically recorded they are then disbanded. The result is a series of curious and captivating images that present an optimistic view of a world – one where walls remain broken.

A graduate of the University of Western Australia with an honours degree in Fine Arts, Smith has exhibited regularly around Australia and has garnered recognition for his interesting and conceptual approach to photography. He is represented by Galerie pompom in Sydney. This is his first showing at Fort Delta.