Fort Delta is delighted to present THE END OF LEGACY, the first Australian solo exhibition by Perth based artist Iain Dean.

THE END OF LEGACY presents Dean’s latest body of paintings and ceramics: a stylistic amalgamation that pays homage to cornerstone figures and movements from the Modernist period, resulting in eye-splittingly electric works that never quite commit to the definitive representations or narratives they stem from.

Reaching back to a pre-digitalized past, while working from the age of information overload, Dean juxtaposes sporadic and conflicting art historical references in his work and adopts the role of a rogue animator; repeatedly ripping and distorting recognizable characteristics indicative of Modernist heavyweights. Slaphappy versions of Joan Miro’s iconography, crude outlines of Matisse’s seminal painting La Danse, and floating shapes reminiscent of Donald Duck’s beak are all ripe for reuse in Dean’s perceived oeuvres of legacy.

This shift from a rarefied and immortal legacy to fluid and rampant appropriation acknowledges the popularity and influence of Modernism in contemporary art practice and is a key theme to understanding Dean’s work as a response to origin and intent. In his own words, Dean’s main concern for his work is to create “Non-hierarchical, non-judgemental images free of  fixed ideologies or messages in a kind of free association of imagery and ideas”.


Iain completed his certificate IV in Visual Arts from Adelaide Central Arts in 2007 and is currently furthering his studies in fine art at Curtin University, Perth.  His work is held in private and public collections in Australia.  Recent group shows include The Young Ones, Sir Charles Gardner Hospital, Perth, WA 2014; City of South Perth Emerging Artists 2014, Perth, WA.  Most recently he has been selected as a finalist for the 2015 Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize, Sydney NSW for his work Adult comedy action drama.  In 2014 he was the winner of the Black Swan National Portrait Prize, Perth WA for his work Pilar Mata Dupont and in 2013 was selected as a finalist in the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize for his work Tell me lies and lullabies, but don’t tell me to change.  Iain was interviewed for the November 2014 issue of The Artist Chronicle.