From the window to the wall

Opening Reception Thursday 16th October at 6pm.

Exhibtion Run: Thursday 16th October - Saturday 9th November.


From the window to the wall is a collaboration between artists Scarlett Rowe, Joshua Stevens and Grace Woods. All three artists have an interest in collapsing how we encounter and perceive the everyday and ancillary spaces we navigate.

For From the window to the wall, our attention is directed towards figurative elements of architecture i.e. domestic fittings, furniture, and items of décor. By way of orchestrating responses and exposing the interiority inherent to all given space, the artists attempt to re-orient the viewing experience through diverse mediums that converge under a collective spatial practice.


Joshua Stevens’ craft based practice critiques and contemplates notions of success and failure by exaggerating and manipulating twee, gaudy, tasteless personal aesthetics to depict psychological narratives and desires of grandeur, drawing inspiration from the domestic space. Exploring themes of class, desire and identity, the work is heavily influenced by his current role at an opportunity shop where he is in contact with an endless flow of discarded objects from people of diverse cultural and social backgrounds. Stevens’ recent exhibitions include Christina’s World at Fort Delta Galley, BHAG at Rear View Gallery and Coming soon at West Space Gallery. 

Grace Wood works within a photographically-based spatial practice that focuses on the relationship between image and reality. Her practice serves to question the state of contemporary photographic practice; why artists continue to photograph, employ analogue photographic techniques, or employ a photographically engaged practice. Wood practices simultaneously in darkroom and studio environments, and is especially interested in the role of 'artist as curator' and how it manifests in contemporary art. Grace Wood's recent exhibitions include re/work; Rebuilding aesthetic form at Kings ARI, Hatched at Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, and Blue Moves at Seventh Gallery.

Scarlett Rowe works with a photographic spatial practice. She focuses on architectural and urban spaces by interrogating their social context as non-defined spaces, re-conceptualising their form and use. Her practice contemplates the highly elaborate design of these spaces, their intention, and their ultimate downfall. Rowe’s recent exhibitions include Christina’s World at Fort Delta Galley, re/work; Rebuilding aesthetic form at Kings ARI and Coming soon at West Space Gallery.