Opening reception Thursday 16 October 6 - 8pm.
Exhibition open through 18 September - 25 October.




Irma had flung herself down on the rocks and was tearing and beating at the gritty face of the boulder with her bare hands. She had always been clever at embroidery. They were pretty little hands, soft and white.

­­                  - Joan Lindsay, Picnic at Hanging Rock, 1967.


The last chapter of Joan Lindsay’s novel Picnic at Hanging Rock was deleted prior going to print in 1967. The remaining ambiguous ending leaves interpretation open to the reader; enabling them to determine the destiny and fate of the characters and narrative.

In his new series of paintings – part of a continuum of work based on Lindsay’s 1967 novel - Justin Hinder negotiates the equivocality of Picnic at Hanging Rock’s narrative cusp by considering the symbiotic relationship of human choice and destiny; enabling idiosyncratic projections of boundless freedom.

This entry point into Lindsay’s novel - and the acknowledgment of a covert final chapter - is imparted through Hinder’s new paintings by veiled, indistinguishable figures appearing in camouflaged wilderness - forming abstract mirages of the Australian landscape - inspiring to both artist and author.


 Justin Hinder is an artist, curator and writer based in Melbourne. Selected solo and group exhibitions include tethered in the shade, Futures Trading Co., Wellington, New Zealand, 2014; heaven-sent crumbs (with Sarah CrowEST), Utopian Slumps, Melbourne 2014; Draw Backs, Fort Delta, Melbourne, 2014; Christina’s World, Fort Delta, Melbourne, 2014; PAINTING QUARTERS, Fort Delta, Melbourne, 2013; HOME, Litre Space, Melbourne, 2013; GODS GIFT PRESENTS in collaboration with Jocelyn Tribe le essentials essentials, Loop Bar, KO Club, Melbourne, 2013; A MILLION BUCKS a curated installation, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne, 2013; X/ET-PARK/ETCETCETC, Rearview, Melbourne, 2013; and THIRD DAUGHTER with Emily O’Brien, Little Woods, Melbourne, 2012. Selected published texts include ‘#iHOCKNEY’, Crazy in Love, Issue 2, 2012; ‘Jenny by Jess Lucas’, Art+Text, Artbeat, West Melbourne, 2011