Happy Birthday Lindsay Lohan

In honour of Lindsay Lohan’s 28th birthday, New Zealand based artist Claire Harris will watch Lohan’s entire filmography back to back in a live performance art work totalling 28 hours in length. 

Harris expresses her love of Lindsay Lohan and of Lohan’s body of work by reworking perennial aspects of performance art practice such as duration, endurance and repetition, into an act of fan homage reminiscent of the teen girl ritual of the sleep-over movie marathon. This is the fourth annual staging of Happy Birthday Lindsay Lohan; a project which began in 2011 while Lohan was under house arrest, as an attempt to summon a surfeit of goodwill towards the former child actress and current “toxic” starlet as a birthday present.

Members of the public are invited to join in this performance. Harris will be installed in Fort Delta gallery’s project space for the 28 hour duration of the project watching Lohan’s films in bed, and simultaneously live-streaming footage of the performance online. The live stream video will be from the webcam on the laptop on which Harris is watching Lindsay Lohan. Thus the audience watching the live-stream will watch the artist watching Lindsay Lohan, in a sense becoming Lindsay Lohan by occupying the focus of the artist’s devoted attention.

Please join us to celebrate the launch of Happy Birthday Lindsay Lohan - Harris' performance commences at 5pm on Wednesday 2nd July. The performance will conclude around 9.00pm on Thursday 3 July. The location is Fort Delta Art Gallery and Creative Space and Ustream channel Happy Birthday Lindsay Lohan.

Claire Harris and Fort Delta Curator James Bowen will engage in an artist talk at the gallery on Saturday July 5th at 2pm. 

A small publication will also accompany this project and be available to gallery patrons from July 2nd.