Simon Gardam / Fields / August 3 - September 2

The gallery is very pleased to announce ‘Fields’ a new exhibition by gallery artist Simon Gardam. This is Gardam’s second solo exhibition of paintings at the gallery, his first being ‘Airs’ back in 2016. Simon will also present new work at the gallery’s presentation for the Spring 1883 art fair, happening in Sydney at The Establishment Hotel (Syd CBD) between September 6 – 9. Accompanying Fields will be an essay by Harry Hay for U.K-based forum Abstract Critical []. 

In his new solo exhibition Fields, Simon Gardam continues his focus on making abstract paintings that exist as pure visual fields.

For the work presented in this exhibition, the “improvised” zone Gardam creates and operates through when painting in his studio is reinstated so-to-speak through newly discovered and pronounced palpability’s. Foundational components of colour, texture, form, rhythm and touch have been experimented with by acts of ripping, stitching back together and re-formatting painted canvases with wild multicolor, textural intervals and layered painted surfaces. His new approach of cutting up and subsequently re-assembling his paintings allows for unexpected and sometimes awkward visual relationships to occur, which Gardam considers “at their strongest when almost collapsing in on or falling over themselves”. 

The immediacies of the studio also influence the new work which now rushes forwards and out towards a “presence”, contrasting previously exhibited work that seemed to push away from their environments and swallow the viewer introspectively; both fields remaining true to Gardam’s discipline and devised operation for his work which “attempts to expand painting yet retain the crucial element of staying faithful to the confines of the rectangle or square”.

For Gardam, Abstract painting is a process which is in sync to all other daily activities. Working in the studio offers a concise forum for curiosites, reflections, challenges and enlightenments to be materialised in the paintings; a space which by contradiction is fluid and forever open to progression. 


Simon Gardam (b. Hobart, 1988) is a Melbourne based artist and musician. He has exhibited extensively throughout Australia, with recent exhibitions including ; Airs - Fort Delta, 2016; Spring 1883 , 2016, Chonda Za - Wellington Street Projects, 2016; Here’s To Future Days – Fort Delta, 2016; Living Activities – Tristian Koenig, 2015; MacArthur Park – Fort Delta, 2015; Binate Variations – Bus Projects, 2015, Trophy Shop -Kings ARI 2014 & The Aggregate & the Algorithm – Tristian Koenig, 2014. Audio projects include Kell//ua and Collaborative synthesizer improvisation as LIfewater Oasis. He has also undertaken residencies at Alexandrinenstr Studios (Berlin 2011) and Arteles Centre (Tampere, Finland 2013). Upcoming exhibitions and events include presenting with the gallery at the Spring1883 art fair at The Establishment, Sydney between September 6 – 9, as well as exhibiting new work alongside Harry Hay at Tributary Projects, A.C.T.